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Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga

Rechtsform: Verein im Sinne des VereinsG 2002
ZVR-Zahl (Zentrales Vereins Register): 328 594 132
Vorstand: Mag. Reinhard Herovits und Mag. Christian Ebenbauer
Anschrift: Rotenberggasse 1, A-1130 Wien
Telefon: +43 1 877 57 57
Fax: +43 1 879 57 57 v E-Mail: office@bundesliga.at

Technische Realisierung durch:

sportdata GmbH & Co KG

Gumpendorferstraße 60/6
A-1060 Wien

E-Mail: office(at)at.sportdata.org

Place Of Jurisdiction: Handelsgericht Wien
VAT-No.: ATU65085748

sportdata GmbH & Co KG, Wien, Zweigniederlassung Herisau

St. Gallerstrasse 53
CH - 9101 Herisau
CH - 300.9.016.263.-1

E-Mail: office(at)ch.sportdata.org

Tel.: +43 676 370 460 2

Since 2000 sportdata provides powerful and flexible software solutions for professional event management, especially for Karate tournaments and events. The aim is to increase the quality level of events, the satisfaction of the participants and the attractiveness of the event to the public. SET (Sportdata Event technology) software from sportdata was developed in cooperation with experienced Karate federations, such as the Austrian, German and Swiss Karate Federation, and with qualified technology partners. Since 2009 SET is officially approved and supported by WKF. Together with WKF sportdata continuously improves and extends functionality. In 2010 SET was used in more than 30 countries and federations. More than 300 events every year successfully use SET software.

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