General Terms and Conditions concerning the usage of Bundesliga Accreditation

General Terms and Conditions concerning the usage of Bundesliga Accreditation

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

A. General Conditions

§ 1
Usage, Application, Availability, Exclusions

Bundesliga Accreditation provides the event registration platform Bundesliga Accreditation for registered users, not yet registered users and event managers. Concerning the provision of its service to users Bundesliga Accreditation acts in the name and for account of the particular event manager. In this meaning Bundesliga Accreditation only provides the electronic event registration platform and does not provide any further services to users.

The usage of Bundesliga Accreditation requires the users registration. The registration is free of charge. Users do not have a right to registrate. The information necessary to registrate must be entered completely and accurately. Changes of the entered data after registration have to be corrected immediately by the user. In this meaning the user hereby confirms the accuracy and completeness of the entered data.

Event registrations are only possible for registered users who got permission to register for the particular event. Registration permissions are granted by the particular event managers.

Users as well as event managers do not have a right to permanent availability of the Bundesliga Accreditation platform. Temporary malfunction can appear due to technical breakdowns such as power outages and hard or software failures. Bundesliga Accreditation reserves the right to temporarily interrupt its service if this is necessary due to capacity overload, system security problems or technical adaptations.

If a user or event manager raises suspicion of malpractice he can be immediately excluded from the usage of the Bundesliga Accreditation platform.

B. Registration of participants
§ 2
Conclusion of the contract

As long as the registration period of the particular event has not expired the registrations made at this event are not legally binding. Therefore users can completely recall their registrations until the end of the registration period free of charge.
The event manager on the other hand has to accept the registrations made by the users if they are correct in the meaning of the announcement of the event concerning the sex, age, weight etc of the participants.

§ 3

Within the registration period the user can revoke his registrations unrestrictedly by deleting them.

§ 4

In case of the cancellation of an event it does not come to the conclusion of a contract between the event manager and the user. In this case the event manager is not committed to provide any services; on the other hand the user is not charged with any costs concerning his registrations.

§ 5

After the expiration of the registration period the user is obligated to pay the announced participation fees for the registrations he made. The handling of payments is solely the province of the particular event manager.

C. Final clauses
§ 6
Event information and hyperlinks

Bundesliga Accreditation disclaims any form of liability concerning the availability and the contents of event information and hyperlinks published on the Bundesliga Accreditation platform.

§ 7
Privacy terms

All information concerning the storage, manipulation and usage of personal information is settled in the separate privacy declaration published, which is in this meaning an integrated part of these General Terms and Conditions. Bundesliga Accreditation advises that individual-related data is only stored, manipulated and used within the conditions of this usage agreement.
Bundesliga Accreditation further advises its users that data privacy in open networks, such as the internet, cannot be completely guaranteed. The user recognises that any provider is technically able to see data stored on hosted web-servers. This also applies to other internet users who illegally gain access by conquering internet security measures. In this meaning the user is responsible for any privacy infringements caused by him as a result of using an insecure network connection.
The event manager is not allowed to pass on any of the entered individual-related data to third persons.

§ 8
Severability clause

If a provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of these terms and conditions or the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of these terms and conditions. In this case the illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision is replaced by a similar provision which would have been stipulated by the parties to reach the same economic goal if the ineffectiveness of the particular provision had bee known.